Saturday, October 2, 2010

Yes. I am in fact Crazy

I guess i'll talk a little bit about myself. Now I wear a dog collar, or at least I used to. I don't so much anymore considering many people are dicks about it. No I am not a Furry. Now as I am a very open minded individual but I have a rather harsh opinion on these "teen werewolves" I know it's a little late to comment on this topic but reminded of these people by a recent article involving two of there suicides and I have some long overdo comments. Now I have no problem on what they wear or do but personally things like this shouldn't have been tolerated in schools. As with most of the fads and oddities that occur in our modern society I believe that people should have the right to express themselves in any way they want but there are certain things that aren't acceptable in schools:

1. Collars and leashes (honestly I know what the intended statement is but how is this considered appropriate. I might as well come into school wearing assless chaps and call it freedom of expression.)
2. Very short skirts on girls (as much as I love seeing a 14 year olds panties I must say it is a distraction. Unless the girl is ugly and in that case It is a nauseating distraction)
3. Taking off your flip flops in class (not only distracting but inappropriate. seriously flipflops aren't even proper footwear to begin with.)

not saying these things should be banned just saying please show a little courtesy. Thank god I am no longer in high school. but I digress. Now...I am into a lot of pretty fucked up things like Guro and Necro. Of course I would never act out any of those fantasies but it is interesting about how people can be accepting of one thing and be just plain horrified at other things. If my friends are reading this then I thank you that you have not completely freaked out over my lets say...eccentric habits. And I think to myself how very eccentric I actually am. I find myself doing the most bizarre things randomly singing or dancing spontaneously. Another odd thing I find myself doing is as I am laying in bed at night watching tv I pretend my hands are characters and have them fight all the while I make sound affects and act out a story. If you just laughed, I hate you...nah if you did I completely understand. If other people do this please tell.

Now about what I hate about other people. let me put this in a simple easy to read format.
- I hate people that are obsessed about one band. your favorite band isn't best ever so don't insult other people when they don't like that band's music.
- I hate it when people get offended my racial slurs. I am not a racist. Nigger, Beaner, Chink, Cracker, if one group of people can say then all groups should be able to say it. If your racist against a Cracker then it's ok but if you're white and you offend a minority then your racist. fuck that.\
- I hate overly righteous Christians. You know the "if you don't convert and do everything the bible says you're a bad person and you're gonna go to hell" Christians. If you preach to me....let me say this is caps...I WILL PUNCH YOU IN YOUR JESUS LOVING FACE! I don't say your religion is false and you're a bad person for not believing what I believe so don't do that to me.
There is a lot more about people that I hate but these are the reasonable things.

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