Thursday, September 30, 2010

...Ladies life has been so boring lately. Collage is hard. Nothing good on T.V. . haven't felt like playing video games. I haven't been doing to well lately. My head is filled with crazy thoughts more than usual. As none of you know. I browse 4chan alot. at first it was just /b/ but now I browse /d/ (i'm a pervert) and /x/ (i'm weird as fuck). anyway that has been the only interesting lately and it wasn't even very interesting to begin with. I may go over a friends house this weekend so that's something to do. I haven't had a smoke in a few days. I don't have an addictive personality but I've decided to only have a cigarette or a Cigar on occasion. I haven't had a Monster in almost a week so this weekend I'll probably go the the store and pick up some. I love the sensation you get drinking a Monster after you haven't had any for awhile. It's better than fapping to your favorite porn. And on that note we go into a more personal aspect of my life.


As for what I fap to it ranges from everything to normal porn of chicks with huge knockers to Guro, Fatties, Monster Girls, etc. Now I don't Bash peoples fetishes and I wish people wouldn't bash mine. Whether the things I find hot be Huge, Jiggling fat rolls on a 400 pound woman or a cute little animu girl getting torn to shreds with a chainsaw and her guts go flying everywhere. I know those are the more extreme examples of what I'm into I do it to prove a point...wait...what was my point? oh well moving on.

so yes it's near the end of the week so get ready for my "Awesome Dude Of The Week." I may do it today or tomorrow. I haven't decided yet. Anyway until next time this is me sitting at my computer the fat, loser that I am signing off for now...Ladies.

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