Thursday, September 23, 2010

Awesome Dude Of The Week Vol 1, Josef Mengele

Every week near the end of the week (or when I get the time) I will post a person who I think is awesome. I will also post a link where you can get more information on the person (if I can find a decent source). Anyway have fun!

For my first "Awesome Dude Of The Week" first up is the man nicknamed "The Angel Of Death", Josef Megele. Dr. Josef Mengele was a doctor for the Nazis. He joined the Nazi Party in 1937 and less than ten years later he volunteered to be sent to Auschwitz. There he became known for his cruel, brutal methods of deciding who would be kill and was even known to kill babies just so he could dissect their bodies. He had a prefrence for twins when it came to experimentation. he would give them special treatment such as giving them candy or clothes. He would also preform such experiments on children such as removing limbs or preforming sex change operations. he would inject dye into childrens eyes attempting to change their eye color. Eventually Mengele left Auschwitz disguised as a regular member of the German infantry. He ended up at the Gross Rosen Work Camp but left before it was liberated. From there he was seen at Matthausen and ended up being captured and held as a POW at a camp near Munich. When the allies arrived they freed him not knowing who he really was. at the end of 1948 he decided to leave Germany. He apparently fled to Argentina as it was somewhat of a Nazi sympathetic country and from there fled from South American country to country afraid of being caught. He divorced his wife and later in 1958 married his dead brothers former wife Martha. He was never caught but in 1979 he suffered a stroke while swimming and drowned. A somewhat dissapointing end for such an "Awesome Dude".

Here is the link to the site where I got my information from

Keep reading my uninteresting crap until the next "Awesome Dude Of The Week"

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