Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nothin new dudes

My computer fucked up so I had to make a new profile on here. I forgot my username and password.... I'm so fucking stupid. I have 4 or so email adresses don't ask me why. anyway I'm having fucking baked macaroni and cheese tonight FUCK YEAH! as for my day collage was boring and annoying as hell. with my first class being 2 hours long and having another hour and a half class right after that it can get pretty frustrating. I had a test in my intro to business. didn't study for it. didn't prepare a notecard with answers on it like I could of. didn't care. Despite all of that i did rather well. I have two can of monster energy saved up for today and tomorrow so I can sit down tonight with a bowl of home baked macaroni and cheese and a monster. nothing is on t.v. like usual. mabey a little futurama or whatever else in on Comedy Central. As for how i've been doing I been feeling kind of down lately. nothing excites me. I haven't even felt like playing any of the video games I have. even the ones I haven't played yet. Although I can't fucking wait for Black Ops to come out. this will probably the first time I will stay out the night It comes out so I can be one of the first to get it. Or mabey i'll just pre-order it. I don't know yet. anyway I guess i'll start on a little something more entertaining for you guys.

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