Thursday, September 23, 2010


I woke up this morning and felt o.k. . It wasn't one of those "I want to kill myself" days but is wasn't a "today's a great day and I feel wonderful" days either. I was going to wait to take a walk until a little later to see wether or not my friend was free to hang out but I said fuck it and went for a walk anyway. I went up to where I usually walk to. this little plaza with a restaurant, a cigar shop, and a sylvan. I dont give a shit about the rest of the stuff that's there. I got home, took a shower, then realized that I was bored as fuck. went on my computer and got ready for a certain event. I was pissed off that my mom wouldn't let me keep a sword in the house. I ended up going to the hardware store to pick up some paint roller things then to the grocery store for a few things. when I got back home I was still bored as fuck so I decided to go for another walk on the trails near my house. lately walking is the only thing that takes up my time. I only go to collage classes two days a week and have no job. I wouldn't do well with a real job. I hate people too much. while walking I passed a lady walking her dog. As I walked by the bad thoughts came into my head again. I ignored them like I always do but it's still annoying as hell to have them. the medication I take doesn't do anything to get rid of them. If it weren't for my strong will I'd probably be in jail or be dead by now. anyway as I started walking back I noticed some kids playing on the trail (minority kids). annoying because I hate people but not too much anxiety. as i walked by them I heard one of them say something about a kid named Carlos. I took notice of the fact that they were minorities and said to myself "A Mexican". so I may be a little racist. Not alot I just happen to notice that Someone named Carlos is probably Mexican. too many people get labeled as racists because they simply make observations. It makes me sick. Fucking people. anyway on the way back my earphones stopped working so I had to go the rest of the way without music. not a big deal since I like listening to the sounds of nature. about halfway back I got a text from my sister that dinner was ready. I didn't care since it was potroast. I don't like potroast. makes me feel like I live in the goddamn 50's when "families" ate potroast everynight. plus I dont really like the taste. I took a shower and went to watch some t.v. does it really matter what the shows are. after awhile they all look the same. the ten "law and order" type shows. 7 shows about survival. Endless channels of cartoon retards that aren't even funny (Cartoon Networks CEO should kill himself). I finally settled on msnbc hoping they would show some fucked up videos of People doing crazy shit, people being Crazy, or just some good old fasioned retards that we love to see so much. after browsing the internet and coming up with alternitives of "homo-sexual" to call my friend (pogo-sexual, logo-sexual, etc.) I decided to make a Blogger account to tell you lifeless beings that I think Hung is a great show and that someone should sent "Lady Gaga" back to the land of Oz where she can dress like a freak all she wants and people will actually listen to that god awefull crap she spews out of that somewhat attractive noise hole on her face. Thanks for reading. I hope you'll read some more of my life.

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